Welcome to Higher Source International, where education and development go hand in hand. Our tailored focus on metaphysics and the empowerment of self that every person strives for is the goal of HSI. 

Our Mission

It is the mission of Higher Source International that all beings awaken to their Divine Self and recognize the Divine Love and Light that is our true nature, with grace and oneness with all life for our highest purpose. There is nothing outside of ourselves that is ever more important than our true inner being. We are One. We are Love. 

There are many classes and workshops to choose from.  If you want to learn it, its here!  

Become Certified in, Angel Card Reading, How to See and Read Auras, Psychic/Mediumship/Medical Intuitive Development and Explore the World of Crystals and Aromatherapy! 

Our 1 Day workshops are full on information and are only an 2-3 hrs long. 

We invite you to come visit our classroom and see just how they look. All classes are recorded, so if you have to miss one, you never miss on the information given!  

NOTE: We use Google Hangouts.  Ipads and Iphones, android phones, tablets, Mac PC and macbooks, and all PCs are supported. 


Student Testimonials

 "The best part is learning to use these abilities in order to serve others in their own journey, healing and growth"....read more

  "You have rocked my world, allowed me into your colorful world  & i love it. I can't thank you enough"..read more


 To assist and encourage you to step into your knowing, we have added a Media Page, where you will find Meditations, Video to Connect you to your Higher Source/Energy System. Click here to be taken on a journey within.

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 "By paying for any course, you agree not to copy, share, disburse or attempt to teach any materials provided in the course. Each Tutor is an Independent Contractor, all copyrights applied."  

HSI  course/workshop refund policy : You have 72 hours from payment submission to request a refund from your tutor BEFORE the class begins, if the class is already in session. NO refunds will be given. We are run like a College/University.  If you sign up for a course/workshop, it is up to you to attend the classes. ALL CLASSES ARE RECORDED. 


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